Our Community

Gunnedah is situated in the heart of the Namoi Valley, New South Wales, Australia.  Located just 440km by road from Sydney, the Gunnedah Shire covers an area of approx 5,000 square kilometres and has  a population of 12,819.

Gunnedah's residents are a friendly community minded people, who enjoy their leisure time particupating in almost any sport imaginable, or being involved in cultural evens such as Art Festivals and exhibitions.

Nearby Lake Keepit is natures wonderland for many keen water sports enthusiasts and the avid fisherperson.  Lake Keepit State park offers accommodation and many leisure activities for the visitor.

Whether your looking to change your lifestyle to relocate, invest in Gunnedah or establish a business, or even visit for a holiday, you'll find everything you need in Gunnedah.

Gunnedah, the best country town in Australia.