Welcome to First National Real Estate Gunnedah, 219-221 Conadilly Street, Gunnedah, NSW - Celebrating 77 Years (1937 to 2014).

GUNNEDAH - The Best Country Town in Australia -

With multiple coal mining ventures already in full swing, and many more new initiatives underway, the quality and quantity of the coal reserves in the Gunnedah district will ensure an outstanding future.  Current and future export contracts have created a 'boom' climate for Gunnedah.  Shopping choices offer a Coles supermarket complex a Target Country store and a Best & Less store with Gunnedahs' existing Woolworths shopping centre and is indicative of confidence in Gunnedah's future.  Gunnedah is the centre for a number of regional industries exporting to overseas markets.  These include grain production, cotton processing, brick and terracotta production, a major tannery and leather processing plant, horse feed production, timber milling and massive flour production.

Real Estate trend brokers such as Residex and the Australian Property Investor have acknowledged the mid-long term promise of the Gunnedah economy with awesome predictions of continued growth, prosperity and demand for accommodation.  This is supported by Development Applications submitted to Gunnedah Shire Council, for many new developments for mining, commercial and residential growth and expansion.

Having noted double digit residential growth trends for the last two years, new building applications and the emergence of new residential sub-division developments suggest that the smart money will be  on Gunnedah.

So why wait when the opportunity to grow with Gunnedah's very bright future is now!

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